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Deadly Wording

Be Alarmed! There are a couple of items regarding your contractor’s liability insurance policy that you absolutely must be aware of. Policies sold to contractors in California have broad differences and can have an extreme impact on your coverage. If you are shopping for the best price, you are really leaving yourself open to huge exposure. Read More

Seasons Greetings-Be Careful

I would like to offer and our clients and blog readers the best this holiday season. The past year has been difficult for many in our insurance community and we all hope the recovery of our economy happens sooner than later for all our sake.A couple things to be aware of always, but especially this time of year are car Read More

Water Water Water

Did you know that water is the number one loss paid on a home policy in terms of frequency and dollars? The amazing thing about this is water losses have been restricted to sudden and accidental loss only. As and example, the pipe that suddenly breaks under the sink or the ice maker hose that bursts.Water that backs up Read More

Claims Happen!

Hey, I know these are tough times and insurance costs associated with being a contractor are a burden. What never ceases to amaze me is the number and variety claims we see in a year’s time. I thought I’d share some of these losses with you. I want you to see that regardless of the quality of Read More

Sub Contractors Beware

CG 2139 10/93 is called Contractual Liability Limitation. I am starting to see this endorsement in polices of C licensed contractors. It says it is a limitation in coverage and boy is it ever. It is limiting contractual liability to a few conditions. It is excluding CONTRACTUAL liability to the general with whom you have just entered into a CONTRACT.C Read More


A brand new endosement that carriers are offering is ECOBUILD. For those who would like to use more enviromentally friendly building materials in the event of a loss this endorsement is great. Ecobuild works like building ordinence coverage. There is a percentage of coverage A dwelling limit that can be used to upgrade to enviromentally sound building Read More

The six policies you should consider

1)general Liability2)workers compensation3)commercial auto4)pollution5)employment practice liability6)excess/umbrella liability

Some Umbrellas Leak!

You may have purchased an umbrella policy and if so you have done the right thing. Just the act of driving a car exposes you to tremendous liability, but not all umbrella policies are the same. A TRUE UMBRELLA policy is both excess coverage beyond your underlying liability on your cars, home, boat, motorcycles etc but also broader coverage. Over Read More

Your work exclusion and property coverage

Your work exclusion and property coverage: Your general liability policy has an exclusion in the common declarations pages that excludes “your work” from property damage and products coverage. Kind of like a homeowners exclusion where you can’t be liable to yourself.Say you are building an addition and have framed a few walls. That night there is a fire and it Read More

Drive Other Car coveragen – DOC

Cars that are readily available to drive (room mate's, live in relative) need to be disclosed and covered. A coverage called DOC (drive other car) can be added to your policy so you have your good limits available on that other car. You may not know what limit of liability a room mate has or maybe the insurance on that Read More