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Seven Changes to Social Security in 2013

Social Security is an important part of any retirees’ income.  By collecting taxes from paychecks, the program supports people who are unable to take care of themselves.  Current estimates are that 40% of Americans over the age of 65 are kept out of poverty from the benefits proved by the Social Security Administration. 2013 brings 7 new changes to a social Read More

New California Law Gets Mixed Response

Governor Jerry Brown signed an amendment to California’s vehicle code which became effective on January 8th.  The amendment to Assembly Bill 1536 now allows drivers in California to text while driving, as long as they don’t use their hands.  It is an attempt to manage the emerging smart phone technology while still maintaining public safety, just as California did when Read More

The Risks of Legionella Disease for Contractors

Contractors know of the dangers of construction sites.  With many moving parts, there are dangers from vehicles that have obstructed views as the roll around a job.  There are also a look of power tools and hardware which can lead to bloody accidents and bad falls from ladders. But there are also unseen dangers present at every turn.  In renovations Read More

New Study about High Prices of Car Insurance

During the months before the holidays, people are shopping around for the best deals on presents for their family and friends.  People will stay up all night for the best deals for the most popular toys or electronics.  If people are that willing to save money, then they should be more aware of cost saving opportunities with car insurance. Research complied Read More

New Workers’ Compensation Bill in California

The state of California is subjected to the third highest workers’ compensation rates in the entire US, trailing only Alaska and Connecticut according a survey completed this year.  The rate that California businesses pay out is $2.92 per $100 of salary, which is 55 percent greater than the national median rate.  In 2010, California was the fifth the last time Read More

The Bad News about Flood Insurance

On the heels of devastating damage on the East Coast due to hurricane Sandy, there has been a renewed concern about homeowners’ lack of flood insurance.  While people in California don’t have to be worried about massive hurricanes, there are other dangers which are present.  The Association of  California Water Agencies has data to show that over the last 20 years, Read More

As a Contractor, what is a Waiver of Subrogation?

There is a legal term that shows up throughout legal documents regarding real estate, personal guarantees and insurance.  The rights of subrogation are generally broken up into five different categories.  The first is regarding people’s debts, the right of subrogation allows a person who paid off another person’s debt to seek the repayment from that person.  There is another subrogation Read More

Prop. 103’s Influence on Car Insurance in California

Californians have a reason to smile when they compare their auto insurance rates to other states in the USA.  Prices in California have seen a decline of 4 percent between 1989 and 1998.  An opposite trend compared to other states which have seen increases of an average 38.9 percent, according to a new survey released by Consumer Federation of America. The Read More