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Prop. 103’s Influence on Car Insurance in California

Californians have a reason to smile when they compare their auto insurance rates to other states in the USA.  Prices in California have seen a decline of 4 percent between 1989 and 1998.  An opposite trend compared to other states which have seen increases of an average 38.9 percent, according to a new survey released by Consumer Federation of America. The Read More

Becoming Aware of Worksite Pollutants and Finding Solutions

As a contractor, there are many concerns day to day.  Schedules must be kept to finish a job on time and sometimes workers who are hurrying are not as careful as they should be while completing their work.  It is easy to remember the need for insurance that covers personal injury claims, property damage claims or other negligence, but it Read More

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Most people think that only people with children need life insurance but that just isn't the case.  It is important that anyone who depends on you has the financial means to carry on without you.  What is known as a death benefit can cover your funeral costs, living expenses and even college funding.  No one wants to think about what happens to Read More