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Drive Other Car coveragen – DOC

Cars that are readily available to drive (room mate’s, live in relative) need to be disclosed and covered. A coverage called DOC (drive other car) can be added to your policy so you have your good limits available on that other car. You may not know what limit of liability a room mate has or maybe the insurance on that other car is lapsed. You can also, add drive other car physical damage, so that car available to you has comprehensive and collision coverage.

Here is a typical scenario: Your mother in law lives with you and has her own car and her own insurance lets you drive her car when needed. She happens to be away in Europe and forgets to pay the insurance. Now, it is important to know that in the US the insurance follows the car in a loss not the car you insurance and was not in the accident. So, while the car has no insurance you get in an accident. There is no coverage from your mother in laws policy because she forgot to pay it. Your insurance policy does not extend to car that you do not insure. This is where DOC coverage and DOC material damage is important. With the DOC coverages the insurance on the car you own and insure extends to your mother in laws car.

This is not to be con fussed with permissive driver rules. That applies to vehicles you own and insure that someone outside of your house hold is driving. The fact that your in law or roommate make the car they own readily available (they live with you) to you can void permissive driver privileges

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