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Tough To Place Risks:

Driver Challenges: 

Multiple Tickets or Accidents
Major Violations
Foreign Driver’s License

Property Challenges: 

Prior Losses
Second Homes ~ Vacation Homes ~ Rentals
Post & Pier, Stilts, or Open Foundation
Old, Vacant or Damaged Building
Non-Owner Occupied
Apartments Buildings
Homeowners Associations
Stand Alone Earthquake, Flood or Earth Movement

Liability Challenges:

New in Business
Manufacturers and Contractors
Commercial Auto
E &O ~ D & O ~ EPLI
All Types of Business

Workers Comp Challenges:  
New in Business
High Mods
Lapsed Coverage ~ No Prior
All Class Codes

Tough risks placed recently:

Old Apartment Building
Mixed use commercial building with unfavorable tenant
Condominium Owners Association
Earthquake coverage for an HOA
Special Event Planner
Fishing Guide
Vacation Home
Demolition Company
Fire Sprinkler Installer
Dilapidated Commercial Building
Solar Contractor

“Let us handle what your carriers will not write!”