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What is business auto insurance?
Small business auto insurance provides coverage for you or anyone else you permit to use a company car, truck and/or van.

If you lease, own or rent vehicles for business purposes, you should have a business auto insurance policy.

Business auto insurance policies can pay for damages caused by an accident or destructive event such as fire, theft, windstorms, hail, flood and vandalism. Policies also provide bodily injury and property damage coverage to third parties when you or any other authorized driver is at fault in an accident.

Who generally purchases business auto insurance?
Companies who have vehicles titled in the company’s name or use vehicles in the course of their business.

Why buy business auto insurance?
Auto insurance is required by all states for every vehicle. If your business owns, leases or rents vehicles you must have business auto insurance coverage.

What does business auto insurance cover?

* Physical damage (collision) coverage — covers damage to your insured auto when collisions occur involving another vehicle or a stationary object, such as a telephone pole or guardrail.
* Physical damage (comprehensive) coverage — this insurance coverage pays for physical damage to your insured auto caused by a variety of risks, including:
o Fire
o Theft
o Windstorms
o Hail
o Flood
o Vandalism

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