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Becoming Aware of Worksite Pollutants and Finding Solutions

Becoming Aware of Worksite Pollutants and Finding Solutions

As a contractor, there are many concerns day to day.  Schedules must be kept to finish a job on time and sometimes workers who are hurrying are not as careful as they should be while completing their work.  It is easy to remember the need for insurance that covers personal injury claims, property damage claims or other negligence, but it is harder to remember that the work completed at a jobsite can affect the environment.

So what is considered a pollutant at a jobsite?  From a practical standpoint, almost anything that has to be cleaned up – whether it is from a building, land, air or water – may be a pollutant at a jobsite.  Here are some examples of pollutants that occur:

  • Clean dirt that is washed off of a jobsite and into a salmon stream may be a pollutant
  • Bags of concrete spilled into a creek in an auto accident may be a pollutant
  • With inadequate ventilation, paint fumes may be a pollutant
  • Dirt that is removed that was previously unknown to contain petrochemicals or other chemicals may be a pollutant

There are many other things which are considered pollutants depending on local regulations concerning construction.  The good news is that with Contractor Limited Pollution Liability, you can be covered for any cleanup as well as defense against bodily or property harms caused to third-parties by pollutants.  It is wise to have this insurance for the following businesses:

  • General contractors – commercial, residential, municipal, highway/road, infrastructure, maintenance, mechanical, demolition, industrial, excavation, grading
  • Trade contractors – HVAC, paving, carpentry, concrete
  • Specialty contractors – foundation, pipeline and tank installation, drillers
  • Remediation contractors

If you are a contractor looking to protect your business against unforeseen circumstances, it may be time to contact an insurance professional who is skilled in recognizing the coverage you will need.  Contact an experienced insurance agent at Wise Insurance in San Rafael today.

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