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New Study about High Prices of Car Insurance

New Study about High Prices of Car Insurance

During the months before the holidays, people are shopping around for the best deals on presents for their family and friends.  People will stay up all night for the best deals for the most popular toys or electronics.  If people are that willing to save money, then they should be more aware of cost saving opportunities with car insurance.

Research complied by the Consumer Federation of America has shown some interesting results about car insurance in America.  Compiled from data from the four major car insurance companies State Farm, GEICO, Allstate and Progressive, the research has very interesting things to say about insurance premiums.  They have found that good drivers (who don’t have moving violations or tickets) are being overcharged for their insurance.  The rates are also highly variable.

The CFA was also puzzled by a 15-city analysis of car insurance that took info from hypothetical quotes from Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and Miami.  Similar drivers to the previous study were quoted exorbitantly high premiums for state-minimum coverage compared to what good drivers pay for broader coverage.  Consumer advocates said they were concerned that over half for annual coverage were at least $1,000, and almost a third at least $1,500, which are oppressive for moderate-income workers. For such drivers, advocates say, the cost of insurance is often more of a factor than the cost of the car itself — and is a big factor in why many consumers drive without insurance.

All states, except New Hampshire, make car insurance compulsory.  That doesn’t mean that you have to pay the highest cost to get good insurance.  Shop around and find something that works for you.  Better yet, contact a local insurance agent in San Rafael County who can give you the personal attention you need and find the best insurance possible.

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