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Tools and Equipment

Tools and Equipment

Wow, construction sites are still getting robbed at a alarming pace. We run theft coverage by our client’s, but rarely do we sell this insurance. I can even narrow down when a theft will take place. The job site will be robbed late in the week, after hours and usually when the job is almost complete. Close to completion jobs mean two things to thieves. 1) you have your most expensive equipment set up and 2) the neighbors think the job is over and the thieves are just breaking down the job site.

A couple things to consider. See the dewalt gps units you can hide on larger equipment:

And be really careful when renting equipment. Ask the equipment rental people if your rental has active gps. I did have two large generators stolen from a client’s job site and the thieves were caught the next morning in Sacramento by the Highway Patrol when alerted by the gps locator.

But, be aware you are ultimately responsible for the replacement of the rented equipment.


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